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The cohesive wayfinding strategy behind Qatar’s integrated public transport system

Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) - Wayfinding system

The cohesive wayfinding strategy behind Qatar’s integrated public transport system


The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) of Qatar embarked on an ambitious mission to revolutionise public transportation, recognising its pivotal role in fostering sustainable urban development and enhancing the quality of life for all who visit and live in Qatar. At the heart of this endeavour was a vision to increase ridership and transform the fabric of Qatar's transport landscape. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup spotlight on Qatar, the MoTC saw a golden opportunity to showcase the nation's commitment to innovation and progress. The World Cup served as a catalyst, igniting a fervent drive to modernise infrastructure and elevate service standards to global excellence.

A holistic approach to the country-wide wayfinding strategy

As part of this transformative journey, the MoTC meticulously developed a long-term investment strategy to cultivate a culture of public transport usage. Recognising the need for a multi-faceted approach, the strategy encompassed infrastructure upgrades and initiatives to foster positive behavioural change among Qataris, residents and visitors. Central to the strategy was developing a tailored wayfinding solution that would serve as the cornerstone of Qatar's transport network.

Crafting an intuitive and user-friendly system

Our journey began with a comprehensive assessment of the existing transport network, followed by crafting clear objectives for a tailored wayfinding solution grounded in best practices and benchmarking against global standards. We formulated clear objectives for the wayfinding solution, ensuring that it would meet the unique needs of Qatar's diverse user demographic. The aim was not merely to provide directional signage but to create an intuitive and user-friendly system that would encourage and seamlessly guide passengers through the intricacies of the transport network.

Drawing inspiration from the art of Arabic calligraphy, our distinctive and unique sign design pays homage to the phrase from the Qatar National Anthem, “Travel the high road—Travel by the guiding light of the Prophets.” Infusing the design with purpose and meaning imbued our wayfinding system with a sense of cultural identity and pride.

Working hand in hand with the MoTC and brand consultancy Ogilvy, we created a cohesive wayfinding family that would not only serve commuters' practical needs but also reflect the newly implemented “Sila” public transport brand. This overarching brand was created to unify all modes of transport and create a seamless journey while streamlining commuter ticketing processes. Every aspect of the design was carefully considered, from the choice of colours and materials to the placement of signage, ensuring that it harmonised seamlessly with Qatar's urban landscape.

In parallel, we developed comprehensive map design guidelines for the entire MoTC network, executing the final artwork and design of macro and micro maps that would serve as an invaluable tool to enhance the wayfinding system, instilling confidence and assurance for transport network users. Our design work focused on the public transport nodes, train and bus lines, major stations, and tourist destinations, with a special feature of highlighted 3D graphics for key landmarks and places of interest within Qatar. Our macro and micro maps developed in-house offer a progressive approach towards visitor experience and add immense overall value to Qatar’s tourism sector.

Laying the groundwork for a more connected and sustainable future

As the world turned to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, our wayfinding system emerged as a testament to Qatar's commitment to excellence and innovation. Our unique and holistic wayfinding system played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of footfall and the seamless movement of nearly 1.4 million football fans and locals.

Perhaps more importantly, it laid the groundwork for the future, setting the stage for continued growth and development in Qatar's transport sector. By encouraging passengers to navigate the transport network with ease and confidence, the wayfinding system enhanced the overall user experience and contributed to the realisation of Qatar's vision for a more connected and sustainable future.

“Endpoint went above and beyond to deliver the countrywide transport wayfinding system for Qatar. They have been a true expert partner for many years and always a pleasure to work with.”
Paul Logan, Senior Project Director, Ministry of Transport and Communication

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