What do you see?The home of football, or an opportunity to ask what else and find its soul?

Wayfinding design for Wembley Park

At a glance
  • Mixed-use regeneration scheme next to Wembley Stadium by Quintain
  • Wayfinding strategy, design and implementation
  • Park zones brought together under one single wayfinding voice
  • Addressed the needs of very distinct user groups
  • Aim to transform annual footfall from 4 million to 12 million
The opportunity

Find its soul

Take one of the world’s most recognisable sporting destinations that has become part of London’s DNA and find its soul. That was part of the challenge at Wembley Park.

Quintain, one of London’s leading property developers, has undertaken an ambitious regeneration scheme that is transforming the 84-acre (34 hectare) area around Wembley Stadium in a 15-year phased project. It will bring new shopping, leisure facilities, homes and public spaces. Over time, they hope to transform annual footfall from 4 million to 12 million people.

We were asked to design a wayfinding system that would help make Wembley Park a world-class destination not just for the big day, but for every day and for everyone.

The result

A vibrant every day destination

Wembley Park is now known for so much more than the next-door neighbour of a major sports stadium. It is a great place to shop, do business, to live, to be entertained.

Our creative approach to wayfinding design and series of distinctive placemaking interventions has created a real sense of ‘place’ at Wembley Park. One that has united the various different zones within the estate and crafts memories and experiences for users.

Our approach

Creative concepts lifted it out of the ordinary

We worked in close collaboration with Quintain and design agency Small Back Room – responsible for the identity. We designed a series of engaging and inspiring creative concepts for the signage family and landmark wayfinding interventions.

The chosen design route adopts visual cues from things you would expect to find in a park, bringing greenery into areas that were grey and concrete. Astro-turf grass, for example, has been used as main visual component of the sign family and creates an instantly memorable greeting at the main entrance. Vibrant and earthly cues have been used throughout the directional signs, mapping elements, gateway interventions and on three 8-metre tall totem signs.

Wembley Park totem sign Wembley Park mapping Wembley Park gross totem sign Wembley Park external signage

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