What do you see?An Apple store, or a place to feel connected and inspired?


At a glance
  • We’ve been working with Apple for over a decade
  • Trusted partner
  • Turnkey service for design, production of signage, hoarding graphics and flag systems
  • Over 100 stores in UK, Europe and Australia
  • Store performance among the world’s most profitable
The opportunity

Ensure a seamless brand experience

An Apple store is so much more than bricks and mortar. While many brands have scaled back their retail presence on the high street, Apple understands it is where the future is at. It has invested in the built environment as it recognises the power of the physical, alongside the online, in winning hearts and minds.

Our role since 2005 has been as a trusted partner providing a turnkey service for the design, production of internal and external signage, hoarding graphics and flag systems across their retail portfolio. Meeting the exacting standards synonymous with Apple, we make sure the detailing ‑ including materials, finishes and illumination ‑ is spot-on every time.

A highlight of our work with Apple includes our prototype design for the pendant logo that greets visitors on arrival at every store.

The result

Among the world’s most profitable retail outlets

Innovation, design, consistency – these are hallmarks of the Apple brand and are expected with every brand interaction. We make sure those expectations are met through their signage – a key brand touchpoint.

To date we have rolled out the iconic Apple brand marque at over 100 stores in the UK, Europe and in Australia.

Apple is consistently rated among the world’s most profitable retail outlets, when measured by sales per foot of retail space.

Our approach

A dedicated team delivering first-class quality and seamless brand experience

We have a dedicated design and production management team delivering a tailored signage response to suit store-specific requirements. We work closely with the Apple retail design team, architect and fit-out partners to ensure a seamless signage response that matches the overall brand experience.

Sharing their exacting standards and commitment to quality, we often find ourselves onsite making sure things are just so.

Highlights of our work with Apple include:
  • Pendant prototype design – the brand touchpoint that greets visitors on arrival at every store
  • Heritage stores in Europe, UK and Australia – bespoke sign design and production
  • Flagship stores incl Edinburgh, Paris Opera, Covent Garden, Glasgow Buchanan Street, Birmingham New Street and Regent Street – bespoke design and production for internal and external signage
  • Flag system prototype design, development and implementation across 5 stores in the UK and Europe
Apple Paris Opera external signage Apple logo illumination checking Apple Genius Bar signage Apple Berlin external signage

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